Ole Skool vs Raiders



Game Summary

Intelico Security Raiders took a commanding victory over the Kairi FM Ole Skool when they matched up in their first game of the season. Ole Skool found it difficult to find the basket, scoring only 4 points in the first quarter while shooting just 13% from the field. Raiders however, shot 50% in the first quarter, scoring 19 points. By the end of the first half the scores were 36-16 in favor of Raiders. In the 3rd quarter Ole Skool again struggled to score, putting up just 8 points to Raiders 21, however, in the 4th quarter, they outscored Raiders 26 to 19, shooting 44% from the field. It was not enough to overcome the 31 point lead which Raiders built up during the 3rd quarter. Final scores were Intelico Security Raiders 76, Kairi FM Ole Skool 50.

Top performers for Raiders were:
Hasan Ettiene – Recorded a double-double with 12 points and a season high 18 rebounds
Dershaun Francis – 9 points and 12 rebounds
John James – 10 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals

Top performers for Ole Skool were:
Bert Benjamin – 14 points, 2 rebounds and 2 steals
Levi Baron – 13 points and 5 rebounds

Game Photos


Date Time Competition Season
March 26, 2015 7:00 pm D1-Zone A 2015


Lindo Park


TeamQ1Q2Q3Q4Final ScorePoints
Ole Skool412826501

Ole Skool

# Player Position Points FGM FGA FG% 3PM 3PA 3P% 2PM 2PA 2P% FTM FTA FT% OREB DREB TREB Assists Steals Blocks Turnovers MIN PF TF
Levi Baron-1351241.71333.34944.42450123010428.3710
Bert Benjamin-1461833.31333.351533.31333.3112120334.4520
Trevor Bernard-0060000060000246000223.5820
Colbert Bertrand-1051435.703051145.5000235220234.7820
Robert Guiste-728250202633.33837.5235230433.6830
Lindel Lestrade-000000000000001100001.8800
Chester Letang-631323.100031323.104013401034000
Garvin Richards-000000000000000000013.200
 Total 502171158.821166.61960179.6619120.89172659019199.94100


# Player Position Points FGM FGA FG% 3PM 3PA 3P% 2PM 2PA 2P% FTM FTA FT% OREB DREB TREB Assists Steals Blocks Turnovers MIN PF TF
Kerziah Alcid-84757.10004757.1000213300025.100
Kervin Augustine-214250001425020044000411.2840
Riggillio Cissee-1051241.700051241.7020325440225.7710
Hasan Ettienne-12615400006154003061218000431.8740
Deshawn Francis-941233.300041233.312507512112126.1700
John James-10510500205862.5000178130726.1310
Ashton Joseph-41250000125022100011110211.6800
Garvin Joseph-9485012503650000101210214.5310
Kerbin Nanthan-104757.12366.72450000000200621.8330
Cameron Paul-2111000001110000001101015.5500
 Total 763578504.237116.73271509.63111502033531411229199.91140